7th edition of the  Yaounde International Agribusiness Exhibition

22nd to 28th of March 2021

  1. From the 22nd to the 28th   of March, 2021, will be held the 7th edition of SIALY, the largest sub-regional event for post-harvest production open to the international food industry. A coherent, internationalized and innovative offer. Economic demonstration of the Cameroonian and African agricultural sector whose aim is to promote and reinforce the development of agriculture and agro-food industry which are the main concerns of the countries of Africa in general and Central Africa in particular, SIALY 2021 is repositioning itself to continue its activities and contribution to the fight against underdevelopment, unemployment and poverty, boosting food self-sufficiency, economic development and financial resources, growth and meeting the needs of the populations. The Cameroonian head of state decided to revive the organization of the agropastoral show of Ebolawa 2011 showed the will of the Government to revitalize the agricultural sector. Which means Industrial Agriculture: Industrial Transformation. Since 2010, SIALY has established itself over the years as a major tool at the service of the Agribusiness Industries (IAA) and the dialogue between manufacturers and suppliers. Born from a desire to promote the agri-food industry, SIALY invites LPN professionals to discover a qualitative and quantitative offer. On the menu: Relevance, coherence and creativity in a privileged space ideal for interacting live, face to face with the main actors of the sector. Cameroon is today faced with a dual challenge in particular, improving quality / quantity production and processing its local products in order to market them abroad. The SIALY is therefore a subsequent contribution for a better visibility of the actions of the public authorities by the reinforcement of the material, technical and financial capacities of the operators of the sector of the agroalimentary industry. The agri-food industry is the set of industrial activities that transform raw materials from agriculture, livestock or fisheries into food products intended primarily for human consumption. It should not be confused with agribusiness, which includes, in addition to agri-food, the processing of raw materials from agriculture, fisheries and forestry into non-food products, such as biofuels, biomaterials and industrial biotechnologies (“white biotechnologies”
  2. There are generally several major families of activities in the agri-food industry: Meat industry
  3.  Manufacture of elaborate food products
  4. Manufacture of cereal-based products
  5. Manufacture of oils, fats and margarines
  6.   Sugar industry
  7.  Manufacture of various food products (mushrooms, vegetables and fruits etc.).
  8.  Beverage and alcohol manufacturing
  9.    Processing of seafood etc …

Interest of SIALY

SIALY is an exclusive international event organized in Cameroon and bringing together all the players in the agriculture and agri-food sector from here and elsewhere. This specificity gives it a particular and important interest. Indeed, the opportunities offered by the SIALY are essential at all levels: SIALY brings together industry players to discuss issues related to the agri-food industry. The resolutions resulting from the work could serve as a basis of work for the public authorities. In addition, SIALY makes it possible to reduce the unemployment rate and poverty, by offering graduates and job seekers, to discover a very buoyant sector of activity. SIALY should therefore help to create the creation of production structures, markets, and ultimately the creation of wealth.



In the vision of the emergence of Cameroon, SIALY as an actor of this emergence aims to contribute to the development of agriculture and agro-food industry in Cameroon in order to make them more competitive on the international market.


Ensure a better visibility of the actions of the public authorities in the sector of agriculture and the agro-alimentary industry; Promote the strengthening of the material, technical and financial capacities of operators in the agri-food industry; Promote inventions and know-how both in the field of agriculture and processing; To develop the commercial relations between the actors of the agricultural sector and the Cameroonian and foreign agro-food industry.