The Yaounde Interantional Agribusness Exhibition (SIALY) From the 03rd to 09th of July 2023


From the 03rd to the 09th of July 2023 SIALY will hold the 8th edition of its sub regional event. It is the most impressive sub regional rendezvous dealing with post-harvest production associating international partners in the Agribusiness sector. It is a coherent internationalized and innovative proposition. SIALY is an economic showcase in the Cameroonian and African agricultural sector whose main objective is to promote and boost development in the Agriculture and Agribusiness sector. These happen to be the main concern of African countries in general and Central Africa in particular. The 2023 event proposes to tackle and offer its contribution to the fight against under-development, unemployment and poverty, boost food self-sufficiency, economic development and financial resources, growth and the satisfaction of the needs of the populations. In launching the organization of the Ebolowa Agric Show  in 2011, Cameroon’s Head of State sought to translate into practical terms Government’s determination to revive the agricultural sector. Industrial Agriculture simply means industrial transformation. Since 2010 SIALY has been at the fore front of development of Agribusiness industries, positioning itself as the facilitator of discussions between industries and suppliers. Inspired by its determination to promote the development of the Agribusiness sector, SIALY invites operators to participate in the discovery of the vast spectrum of quantitative and qualitative offers in the sector. The package includes relevance, coherence and creativity in an environment designed to foster direct interaction and face to face contact with the major operators in the sector. Cameroon is today confronted with two main challenges: improving production in quantity and quality as well as reinforcing the processing of local produce to target foreign markets. SIALY is thus a commensurate contribution to this effort designed to provide the best visibility to government action by proposing the material, technical and financial infrastructure for operators in the sector.

  1. Food processing is the collection of industrial activity which transforms raw produce from agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery into human consumable food. It should not be confused  with Agribusiness which includes food processing, transformation of raw produce from agriculture, fishery and forestry into non consumable products like biofuels and industrial biotechnology (white biotechnologies).
  2. There are generally diverse sectors of food processing industry
  • Meat industry
  • Processed food products
  • Processed cereal products
  • Oils, grease and margarines
  • Sugar industry
  • Other products like mushroom, vegetables and fruits
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Sea foods


SIALY is an exclusive international event organized in Cameroon which brings together operators in the Agribusiness sector. This confers on it special and important attractions. The possibilities that SIALY offers are determinant at all levels It brings together all relevant actors in the sector to discuss issues related to the industry. Conclusions arrived at the end of discussions open possibilities to public authorities Furthermore, it reduces unemployment and poverty by offering outlets to certificate holders and job seekers and introducing them to profitable opportunities inherent in the sector. This way, it allows for creation of the production structure, markets and finally to the creation of wealth.



In conformity with Cameroon’s stated ambition to achieve emergence, SIALY as a partner, seeks to contribute to the development of Food processing and Agribusiness with a view to making the country more competitive on the international market.

  • Provide better visibility to the actions of public authorities in the sector.
  • Promote the strengthening of material, technical and financial capabilities of operators in the sector.
  • Promote invention and knowhow in the sector.
  • Develop trade relations amongst local and international operators in the sector